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Lead designerSara Mehralian

The worksheet explainer sessions go through a new worksheet everytime! They are designed to help guide children through the problem worksheets that Neobael publishes and help them understand how to solve critical thinking problems step by step.
DeliveryLive online
1hr course
Ages 7 - 11
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Learners will understand that there are multiple ways to solve problems, and collaborating with other people is a great way to see things from a different perspective
Learners will be able to confidently communicate their point of view, methods they used to solve a problem; and learn how to communicate where they had problems
Learners become more aware of approaches to solutions, and resilient when they don't understand things
Learning outcomes

Maths and Science

Language and Literacy

Technology, Innovation and the Arts



Modules can be delivered in short or long formats

Each module can be delivered in formats of 3 hours a day, or 1.5 hours a day. Importantly, our modules are carefully designed to ensure that even in the 3 hour format, children have a maximum exposure time of 2.5 hours total screen time per day, with a limit of 40 minutes in any one continuous block.

To find out more about how we structure our lesson engagement to foster independence and protect the eyes of our little ones, have a look at our sample camp timetable.