Six best recommended books for children in August

This month the Neobael book club is travelling to Australia


This August, we’ve put together 6 incredible books for the 7-11 age group. From the classic "Secret Garden" to our recommended book of the month "Power of Positive Pranking" there is sure to be something your family will love to read. We also took a virtual trip to Australia to meet our highlighted author of the month, Nat Amoore. Our interview covers everything from fostering imagination through boredom to the maths involved in writing a good storyline. Check out the highlights of the interview on YouTube! Read on for our Neobael community reviews of all our books, this month they are all from our learners.

The Power of Positive Pranking book cover
ISBN: 0143796380

The Power of Positive Pranking

Nat Amoore (Author)
For 9 - 11 years
The following review is from Arricah who is aged 11 and lives in Singapore
The book I am reviewing is “The Power of Positive Pranking” by Nat Amoore. I would describe this book as awesome, fun filled, and that I like the fact that it tells the readers how important it is to save the planet! This book is about a secret group of three friends who find fun ways (pranking) to tell people about saving the planet! My favorite part was the ending, but I won't give it away! I would definitely recommend this book and it give it a rating of 5 out of 5!
Journey to the Centre of the Earth book cover
ISBN: 1402743378

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne (Author)
For 9 - 11 years
The following review is from Rafi who is aged 9 and lives in Singapore
A German scientist, his nephew and their Icelandic guide are set on a journey through volcanic tubes to reach the centre of the Earth. This book really opens up the imagination to a new level. The sequence in which the events take place is extraordinary and it get most exciting when Axel separates from the other two companions. This book will take your imagination a totally new height, it is a real rollercoaster.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book cover
ISBN: 0142410314

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl (Author)
For 7 - 11 years
The following review is from Ira who is aged 11 and lives in Australia
The book features a boy named Charlie and the Chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka. Charlie is very poor and although he loves chocolate it’s something that he only gets on his birthday. When he stumbles across a golden ticket in a chocolate bar, Charlie gets to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and then the fun begins. My favourite part of the book is when Charlie unwraps the chocolate bar that contains the golden ticket and his grandfather leaps out of the bed, something he hasn’t done in a long time. If you are a fan of comedy then this is a book you may like.
Ella Diaries book cover
ISBN: 1743818076

Ella Diaries

Meredith Costain (Author), Danielle McDonald (Author)
For 7 - 11 years
The following review is from Sera who is aged 7 and lives in Australia
These are a series of diaries by an 8 year old girl named Ella. Try as she might, Ella can’t avoid trouble and she always seems to get caught in an argument or fight. These books are about her trying to do the right thing, even if its hard. She gets through challenges with help from her best friend and her sister. We recommend the book “Diary Disaster” where Ella goes on a school trip to Turtle Island and has to protect her diary from the other people in her cabin.
Billie B Brown book cover
ISBN: 1742970044

Billie B. Brown

Sally Ripin (Author)
For 6 - 8 years
The following review is from Anna who is aged 8 and lives in the Philippines
This book is part of a series that are about a girl named Billie B Brown and her best friend Jack. They are always involved in an adventure! Billie is fearless, for example once she gets upset that some boys don’t let her play soccer just because she is a girl. What she does next is nothing less than a courageous act! We recommend “A Spotty Holiday” which is a story where Billie goes on holiday to her grandmother’s house, but catches chickenpox, stopping her from doing all the fun activities that she wrote on her ‘to-do’ list
Secret Garden book cover
ISBN: 006440188X

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett (Author)
For 9 - 11 years
The following review is from Ira who is aged 11 and lives in Australia
The book is about an orphaned young girl named Mary Lennox who is sent to live with her uncle far away in a house full of secrets. She meets a boy named Dickon who can speak with animals and at night she hears crying down the long corridors. With the help of a robin, she finds a mystical mysterious secret, a secret garden. She tries to bring it back to life with the help of her new friends. I like it when she found out where the crying was coming from. If you like mystery (but not to much!) and like reading a Yorkshire accent then you will enjoy this book.
Elaine Chew
Elaine Chew
Published: August 25, 2021

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Chrissie Sains is an amazing children's writer that has been writing books since she was 7 years old. She is the author of the hilarious book "An Alien in the Jam Factory", and this month it was the most recommended book by Neobael learners!

She will be reading from her book live for learners to enjoy! Hurry and secure your spot as spaces are limited!

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Where do authors get their ideas from?

Every author has a different method for generating and sorting through ideas, but Nat Amoore does her best creative thinking while in the shower! Interestingly, she doesn’t write any of her ideas down! She uses her memory as a filter and only uses the ideas that stick!