How do I improve my child's vocabulary?

Adding to your child’s word-count will involve exposure to more words more often. Retaining those words is equally important.


As parents, we are deep in the world of autocorrect and spell check. These technological advances certainly come to the rescue when embarrassing typos and rushed emails seem to be just an incorrect word away.

Many adults are now reliant on autocorrect and spell check, and these tools can be a great help in saving us from embarrassing typos in a rushed email. However, that does not change the importance of having a rich vocabulary and the ability to spell well. This is most true when it comes to your children who do not yet know the guilty pleasure of having your phone do all of the heavy lifting.

For your child to know more words and use them more often, they need to be around more words. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on screens alone to do that for us. This is where -trusted children’s books come in. Reading books with your child is a fantastic way to develop vocabulary, with both fiction and non-fiction being valuable. It is also advisable to try a variety of books. More books equals a greater variety of words. Joining a local library can be an excellent way of doing this. Getting them to choose from a wide array of reading options is bound to do wonders to their word-count. In fact, this can be a great opportunity for parent-child bonding as you venture out and curate a fun shopping list.

Another way to help your child is to add a variety of methods of reading to the mix.

Another approach is to encourage them to join a book club where they get to share their ideas with peers. Luckily at Neobael we have that covered for you and it’s free- Neobael Book Club. Each month, we select six books keeping your blossoming reader in mind. View our club via this link and - watch how your child comes back with an enhanced vocabulary.

Aradhana Iyer Vohra
Aradhana Iyer Vohra
Published: Nov 9, 2021

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