Six best recommended books for children in September

This month the Book Club explores History and Fantasy


Each month, the Neobael Book Club recommends 6 of the best books for children aged 6-11. As well as a short review of each book, we recommend our “Book of the Month” and invite an author to virtually visit us @Neobael HQ! As well as sharing their journey and tips and tricks through a QnA, we record a read along so you can immerse yourself in their story! Our reviews are always a community effort so please email if you would like to recommend a book!

The Power of Positive Pranking book cover
ISBN: 978-1781129487

After the War : From Auschwitz to Ambleside

Tom Palmer (Author)
For 8 - 12 years
The following review is from Elaine who is the COO at Neobael and lives in Belgium:
After surviving the concentration camps during World War II, three boys find themselves in the lake district in England, beginning the journey of starting anew. What could be a hard topic for young readers is carefully and thoughtfully recounted, balancing the realities of the storyline while being sensitive to the intended age group. This book is a perfect introduction to historical fiction and is a testament to Tom Palmer’s strength as an author. It is a lesson in human resilience, friendship and above all hope. I can’t recommend this book enough.
Journey to the Centre of the Earth book cover
ISBN: 978-1447265689

Journey to the River Sea

Eva Ibbotson (Author)
For 10+ years
The following review is from Annie who is aged 11 and lives in the UK:
This is a story about a girl named Maia and it’s set in the past in 1910. When Maia’s parents die she is sent to live in Brazil with some of her family, but they don’t care about her very much. Instead she makes friends from all over the world and explores the amazon with them. I really liked the descriptions and the adventure.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book cover
ISBN: 978-1405948005

Doctor Who: The Wonderful Doctor of Oz

Jacqueline Rayner (Author)
For 9 to 17 years
The following review is from Kanika who is a coach at Neobael and lives in India:
This captivating read made me wish I was one of the characters in the book! Mysterious, magical, adventurous, and thrilling; Jacqueline Rayner’s foray into the long loved mystical land of Oz will have you turning the pages while you feel ready to fly off the edge of your seat at every exciting turn! Join the Doctor and go exploring the value of your inner qualities like wits, courage, kindness - while understanding the value of friendship and embarking on a quest to save your friends, old and new. It is an action packed union of Doctor Who, a contemporary favourite with young adults and The Wizard of Oz, a classic which has delighted readers for ages. And as the title suggests, it’s quite simply, wonderful. The book makes for a wonderful journey with our beloved Dr Who, while recalling all the admirable characters of Oz. And if those are unfamiliar to you, maybe you can read both! Double delight!
Ella Diaries book cover
ISBN: 978-1905294428


Gordon (Author), Williams (Author)
For 9 - 12 years
The following review is from Johnny who is aged 9 and lives in Singapore:
Tunnels is a really cool series of books about a boy called WIll who discovers an underground world under his house with his friend Chester. It's the first in a series and the best thing about it is the whole underground world but I also like the characters. Although it's slow at the beginning, it's worth it.
Billie B Brown book cover
ISBN: 978-0956932303

The Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventure

Karen Inglis (Author)
For N/A years
The following review is from Crystal who is aged 8 and lives in Malaysia:
This book is about a brother and sister who lose their dog and find out he is escaping to a secret lake. It’s set during a school holiday and I wish I could go on adventures like that. The coolest thing is the time travel and all of the mystery and the twists. I definitely think you should read it because I really enjoyed this book.
Secret Garden book cover
ISBN: 978-0141354859

Stig of the Dump

Clive King (Author) And Edward Ardizzone (Author)
For 7 - 11 years
The following review is from Gemma who is a coach at Neobael and lives in the North of Ireland:
Stig of the Dump is a classic children's book which tells a lasting story about friendship and childhood adventures. This is a great book to revisit as an adult while reading to your child, particularly if you remember reading it when you were young. More than anything this book is fun and exciting, and Barney is a fantastic lead character to go on a journey with.
Elaine Chew
Elaine Chew
Published: August 25, 2021

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Cat Weldon writes funny middle grade fantasy stories with a particular interest in offbeat fairy tales and world mythology. With a Master's degree in Scriptwriting and a background in children's theatre, Cat now splits her time between writing, teaching and making origami squirrels. Cat lives in East Anglia with her husband, two children and collection of delinquent chickens. How to Be a Hero is her first novel and she will be reading from her book live for learners to enjoy! Hurry and secure your spot as spaces are limited!

What is Neobael Book Club?

Each month, the Neobael Book Club recommends 6 of the best books for children aged 6 - 11. As well as a short review of each book, we recommend our "Book of the Month" and invite an author to virtually visit us @Neobael HQ! In addition they share their journey and tips and tricks through a QnA.

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How do you do research for a book?

Tom Palmer believes that the best way to research for a book is to go straight to the primary source. For example, to write his book “After the War”, Tom interviewed Holocaust survivors to make sure that he told their stories with honesty and integrity.