Gap in the Current Education System

The current education system in most countries across the globe relies on rote-learning rather than logic and creativity. In order to prepare learners for the 21st century, skills that go beyond this gap must be imparted.


The past year has not been easy. Many educators have an intimate insight into how learning has had to be revamped to fit the virtual or blended mode of learning. On the other side of the screen, as parents many of you had to juggle as well. Be it setting up laptops for every child in the family or troubleshooting a Google classroom homework whilst preparing for a work-presentation, nearly all parents have had a steep learning curve too. However, in doing so, you may have also gained more insight into both what your child is learning and left curious as to how engaged they truly may be.

Girl drawing on a sheet of a paper

A Looming Gap:

Learning may not have been the most exciting of endeavours while you were at school, but the question is whether it needs to be that way for your child. The reality of the matter is that a good chunk of the systems surrounding your child’s education still revolve around making them ready for factory work. . The emphasis on repetitive tasks and committing information to memory rather than practical and creative skills is indicative of the same. An article from the Atlantic demonstrates that this has always been the case, with the pandemic merely unveiling the chinks in the armour. As such, there exists a gap in what the traditional school is offering to your child.

Girl drawing on a sheet of a paper

Going Beyond Qualifications:

There is no doubt that qualifications are vital, but often they only get you through the door for a future career. However, in order to keep a job and add value to an organisation and society, a whole host of other skills are vital. It is integral that these are practiced by children, and there isn’t always time to develop this at school. In fact, teaching and testing topics which boost required skills may have taken the fore rather than abilities that actually matter. For real growth, the end goal of education is not just qualifications and credentials, but rather in feeling satisfied and happy. I am of the opinion that knowledge works best when you can utilize it to add value to your environment.

The Neobael Way:

At Neobael, the emphasis is placed on teaching skills that are practical, using interdisciplinary projects as a foundation to build upon. We value logical reasoning and personalised learning, and creativity is at the heart of our modules. Most importantly, our researched and well-designed sessions integrate multiple facets of development in order to best fill the gap within the current education system.

Elaine Chew
Elaine Chew
Published: 10th Oct 2021

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Are there gaps in education?

A good chunk of the systems surrounding education still revolve around factory work, rather than practicing the skills needed to add value to an organisation and society. For real growth, the end goal of education should look beyond qualifications and credentials.