Six best books recommended for children in October

The month the book club meets a badly behaved panda in New Zealand!


Each month, the Neobael Book Club recommends 6 of the best books for children aged 6-11. As well as a short review of each book, we recommend our “Book of the Month” and invite an author to virtually visit us @Neobael HQ! As well as sharing their journey and tips and tricks through a QnA, we record a read along so you can immerse yourself in their story! Our reviews are always a community effort so please email if you would like to recommend a book!

Bad Panda book cover
ISBN: 978-0571352418

Bad Panda

Swapna Haddow (Author)
For 7 - 11 years
The following review is from Elaine who is the COO at Neobael and lives in Belgium:
Full to the brim with fun vocabulary and hilarious illustrations this book is on my "must read" list for my niece and nephews! It's a quick but wonderful story about Lin, a very cute panda who is trying to escape a zoo by being very bad. Joined by another panda called Fu, a Capuchin monkey and a (not so) scary King Cobra this is creative storytelling at its best. Does Lin escape? You'll have to read it to find out!
Maddy Yip's Guide to Life book cover
ISBN: 978-1839130496

Maddy Yip's Guide to Life

Sue Cheung (Author)
For 7+ years
The following review is from Joel who is aged 8 and lives in Singapore.
This book is a really funny book about a girl called Maddy who is trying to find out what her talent is. Everyone else she knows seems to have something they are amazing at but she doesn’t seem to be good at anything. My favourite thing about the book is the pictures because they are more like comics which I enjoyed but there were also lots of laugh out loud moments!
Anisha: Accidental Detective book cover
ISBN: ‎978-1474959537

Anisha: Accidental Detective

Serena Patel (Author), Emma McCann (Author)
For 7 - 11 years
The following review is from Kanika who is a coach at Neobael and lives in India:
A volcano intended for a project erupts and ‘lava’ spreads around the entire school. But how could it happen? Join Detective Anisha on her quest to find out how an ambitious, but innocent science project turned into an unnatural disaster! Helped by her friends, and fuelled by Granny Jas’ yummy treats, Anisha sets off on a scientific expedition. Funny, witty, fast paced and engrossing - this book is everything that you need to spend an exciting weekend with your spy glasses on.
Beetle Boy book cover
ISBN: 978-1910002704

Beetle Boy

MG Leonard (Author)
For 9+ years
The following review is from Annisa who is aged 11 and lives in Indonesia:
This isn’t a typical book, but that is what made it so fun to read. Unsurprisingly, there are some facts about beetles in it, but the main story is a mystery which unfolds with a lot of suspense. I really really liked all of the characters in this book, especially the villain Lucretia Cutter who was really lifelike. I would be so scared to meet her! I can’t wait to read the next book in the season!
Protest! book cover
ISBN: 978-1843654582


Alice and Emily Haworth-Booth (Author)
For 7 - 9 years
The following review is from Joanna who is 9 years old and lives in the UK.
This book isn’t really a story but it has lots of pictures which show the history of protests. I think it was really interesting to find out what sort of things people protest about but it was also fascinating to find out which protests were successful. It starts in ancient Egypt and goes all the way to current times. I would recommend this to anyone who likes world history and good illustrations.
Baker's Magic book cover
ISBN: 978-1430125983

Baker's Magic

Diane Zahler (Author)
For 9 - 12 years
The following review is from Michele who is a coach at Neobael and lives in the Philippines. Bakers Magic is the read along book for the “How to pitch for a Bakery Business” module!
I enjoyed this book tremendously! It’s an adventure and magic-filled story about an orphan girl named Bee who discovers her magical powers while she was baking. Bee’s emotions transfer to whatever she was baking and affects each dish. She befriends Princess Anika who is in the care of wicked Master Joris who has selfish plans for the kingdom. Together they go on an adventure to save the kingdom. It’s a heartwarming story of friendship, magic, and overcoming life’s difficulties. You’ll surely want a taste of Master Bouts’ famous Bouts buns after reading this book.
Elaine Chew
Elaine Chew
Published: October 16, 2021

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Cat Weldon writes funny middle grade fantasy stories with a particular interest in offbeat fairy tales and world mythology. With a Master's degree in Scriptwriting and a background in children's theatre, Cat now splits her time between writing, teaching and making origami squirrels. Cat lives in East Anglia with her husband, two children and collection of delinquent chickens. How to Be a Hero is her first novel and she will be reading from her book live for learners to enjoy! Hurry and secure your spot as spaces are limited!

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Each month, the Neobael Book Club recommends 6 of the best books for children aged 6 - 11. As well as a short review of each book, we recommend our "Book of the Month" and invite an author to virtually visit us @Neobael HQ! In addition they share their journey and tips and tricks through a QnA.

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One of Swapna’s key pieces of advice is to remind children that they should try everything they can while they can! She points out that they will never regret learning from the experience and that there is always something they can take away by seeing challenges from new perspectives.