Best 6 virtual backgrounds for Zoom and Google Meets Halloween 2021

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with a virtual background! Try one of the following for a festive team meeting or funny online class!


Virtual backgrounds can create a fun atmosphere for online meetings. Although Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom have some selection, it can be fun to do something a bit more personal. Try one of our backgrounds to get into the Halloween spirit 👻!

The Haunted House


Adapted from Haunted House Halloween from Pixabay

Download the Haunted House virtual background

The Witches Hat


Adapted from Haunted House Halloween and Halloween Ghost Spooky from Pixabay

Download the Witches Hat virtual background

The Pirate Hat


Adapted from Pirate ship, Palm tree silhouette shadow island, and Pirate Sailor Captain from Pixabay

Download the Pirate Hat virtual background

The Viking Helmet


Adapated from Boat ship mask and Viking helmet from Pixabay

Download the Viking Helmet virtual background

The Jester's Hat


Adapted from Fairy tale castle and Blue Fool's Hat from Pixabay

Download the Jester's Hat virtual background

Halloween Theme


Adapted from Halloween ghost pumpkin bat skull from Pixabay

Download the Halloween Themed virtual background
Elaine Chew
Aradhana Iyer-Vohra
Published: October 26, 2021

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Should I use a virtual background?

A virtual background can be used to hide a messy space or simply add fun to an online meting or class. Whatever your reason for using one, we advise checking your settings first to check what it looks like in advance!