How do I improve my child's reading comprehension?

Reading and understanding what is read is integral to a child’s growth. To better understand what is read, your child will have to read more often.


The most effective way to help your child’s reading comprehension is to encourage them to read more (we know, easier said than done!). Unfortunately, the “more” does not just stop there- to be most successful they must read more and read more often. Like a lot of things in life, practice makes perfect. A simple truth is that if your child reads more books, they will be able to get a better grasp of what they read.

A challenge for parents is that the reading in question should not stop with the book being closed. What was read has to be discussed and deliberated upon. Consistent reading paired with discussions on the content consumed will improve their comprehension. The trick is to make this a habit by modelling and creating an interactive reading environment. A simple conversation at the dinner table is an effective way of making this a routine. Remember to be prepared to discuss what you are reading too!

Such an approach will also place focus on what is understood. It will encourage your child to produce language and give their opinions on the book. You can try to sneak into your schedule and can also be something the entire family bonds over. However, it may nor always be feasible on a regular basis.

At Neobael, the culture of promoting reading runs deep and strong but we know that deciding what books to introduce your child to can also be a struggle. This is why we’ve developed the Neobael Book Club . Each month, we curate six books appropriate for your child’s reading age. Along with reviews, you can also find interactions with the authors themselves. In this manner, an all-round reading experience can be nurtured. Do not wait too long- pick a book from our list and start reading with your child.

Aradhana Iyer Vohra
Aradhana Iyer Vohra
Published: Nov 9, 2021

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What better way to do it than a free, educational, live online quiz that fosters global connections?

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Any learner in the age group of 6 to 11 years old. You can join from anywhere in the world and you are welcome to bring a friend along

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Their game face, parental consent, a functioning smartphone/ipad/tablet or laptop with access to high-speed internet and headphones.

What is played?
Our educator team creates a new, fun and collaborative quiz each week!

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