How do I improve my child's confidence?

Confidence is the stand-out skill of the 21st century. In order for your child to develop confidence, they will have to work with other children.


Confidence is becoming increasingly essential in the 21st century. and the ability to state things confidently and execute plans with the same vigour is half the effort in a fast-paced world. On a more realistic note, confidence can come into the picture when, for instance, you are trying to convince your children to work in a specific way.

Having said that, it is arguably more important to instill the same degree of confidence (if not heaps more) onto your children. This is increasingly difficult in an economy of high standards and constant criticism. Your loved one will have to swim through a sea of voices before finding their own and perfecting it.

Research has indicated that your child’s sense of self-esteem is curated at a young age itself. One of the things that could help in fostering this further is to encourage them to work with others. Confidence best arises in a set-up of constant interaction. At the same time, it is important for you to make them comfortable in such situations. Try reinforcing the idea that making mistakes is a sign of progress. When they work with others and tackle challenges as a team, their belief in themselves is bound to flourish. You can encourage them to make friends with children with interests different from theirs. It is also crucial for you to recognise their potential for soft skills like empathy and kindness.

That degree of connection may be difficult to build in today’s world. This is where Neobael has something different to offer. Our “Thank Goodness It’s Thursday” module takes an online quiz and makes it an opportunity for international collaboration to take place. In this manner, your child will slowly gain the confidence needed to best solve the problems that the future is already posing.

Aradhana Iyer Vohra
Aradhana Iyer Vohra
Published: Nov 9, 2021

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Developed by Aradhana Iyer Vohra

We know that children need more opportunities for collaboration and to build confidence in a fun yet nurturing environment.

What better way to do it than a free, educational, live online quiz that fosters global connections?

Thank goodness it is Thursday! is a weekly quiz that is specially curated and hosted by our global educators. It is designed to be played synchronously in small groups of international learners.

There are limited spots each week, so hurry and reserve yours now!

Who is it for?
Any learner in the age group of 6 to 11 years old. You can join from anywhere in the world and you are welcome to bring a friend along

What does a learner need to bring?

Their game face, parental consent, a functioning smartphone/ipad/tablet or laptop with access to high-speed internet and headphones.

What is played?
Our educator team creates a new, fun and collaborative quiz each week!

Next session soon!
Recommended Ages 6 - 11