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Developed by Elaine Chew

Creating and running your own football club can be a profitable business, but it also comes with many varied challenges. In this 30 hour module learners put themselves in the boots of the manager of their own football club and take on the complex problem solving that comes with it. Safe in the support of a small learning team, students will use mathematical literacy to control a budget and their creative writing skills to keep their club in the papers. They will also develop their own branded merchandise, commission a mural and code a game to bring new fans on board. Gaining insights into the world’s most popular game on the way, students will expand their knowledge of the unique range of skills it takes to manage a business.

Recommended Ages 9 - 11

Developed by Elaine Chew

Being a football manager sounds like a dream job, but playing a role in the world's most popular sport requires a blend of skills. This 30 hour module explores real ideas such as communicating effectively with players, building the perfect team and how to use maths to coach for success. However, some more unexpected problem solving is also put into practice, such as designing the perfect football boot and budgeting for the team's kit! With the safe and supportive environment of a learning team behind you, all students are going to thrive in their new role as football managers.

Recommended Ages 7 - 9