How to pitch a bakery business


This 30 hour module encourages learners to imagine themselves as budding entrepreneurs. As they take their quaint home baking business to a more commercial set-up, they must pitch their best foot forward to obtain funds from prospective investors.

While they navigate through skills of writing, speaking, and creating art, they must also familiarise themselves with 3D shapes, fractions, creating adverts and learning to give constructive and considerate feedback.

Using entrepreneurship and business building as a core theme they will develop their persuasive writing skills, work with fractions and 3D shapes, while gaining confidence presenting and speaking on stage.

Module Duration

30 hours


Online Sessions + Offline Tasks

Learning Outcomes

Maths & Science
  1. 3D shapes and volume
  2. Costing, pricing, and profit calculation
  3. Ratios
  4. Fractions
Technology & Art
  1. Coding a JavaScript game
  2. Working with collaborative spreadsheets
Language & Literacy
  1. Creation of presentations and persuasive writing
  2. Conducting market research
  3. Speech writing and presentation skills
  4. Brochure creation
Module designed by
Elaine Chew

Elaine Chew is one of Neobael's team of module designers. Our expert team spends hundreds of hours crafting and designing modules like "How to pitch a bakery business"