Creating a new world in space

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Lead designerBen Henry

Learners will find themselves in the year 2100, when space travel is more common and multiple colonies have established themselves on far away planets. In this 15 hour module, learners will work as part of a learning team to persuade new people to join their colony. Bringing together creative writing, application of maths, digital literacy and code, there is ample opportunity for learners to develop out of the box thinking and practice their written and verbal communication. How will they lead others to accept the changes that come with space exploration? Only time will tell!
DeliveryLive online
15hr course
Ages 10 - 11
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Learners will understand that persuasive language techniques can be used to convince an audience, scale factors help us make better designs, a range of digital techniques create more interesting video, and our values guide our decisions.
Learners will be able to communicate their ideas with clarity, and use technology to aid in idea delivery.
Learners become more aware of the power of language and complexity of design. They will develop respect for other people’s opinions as they work as a team to present their ideas.
Learning outcomes

Maths and Science

  • Calculate the area of a shape
  • Scale a shape up or down
  • Identify how to calculate scaled area

Language and Literacy

  • Summarise factual information in their own words
  • Use persuasive vocabulary
  • Vary sentences to create effect by selecting appopriate grammar and vocab
  • Provide reasoned justification for their views

Technology, Innovation and the Arts

  • Learn to create and edit a digital video to communicate ideas persuasively


Modules can be delivered in short or long formats

Each module can be delivered in formats of 3 hours a day, or 1.5 hours a day. Importantly, our modules are carefully designed to ensure that even in the 3 hour format, children have a maximum exposure time of 2.5 hours total screen time per day, with a limit of 40 minutes in any one continuous block.

To find out more about how we structure our lesson engagement to foster independence and protect the eyes of our little ones, have a look at our sample camp timetable.