How do you manage a football club?


Being a football manager sounds like a dream job, but playing a role in the world's most popular sport requires a blend of skills. This 30 hour module explores real ideas such as communicating effectively with players, building the perfect team and how to use maths to coach for success. However, some more unexpected problem solving is also put into practice, such as designing the perfect football boot and budgeting for the team's kit! With the safe and supportive environment of a learning team behind you, all students are going to thrive in their new role as football managers.

Module Duration

30 hours


Online Sessions + Offline Tasks

Learning Outcomes

Maths & Science
  1. Mental maths +/- with 2 digits
  2. Adding and subtracting money in decimals
  3. Solving word problems involving +/-
  4. Learn how to read structured data in tables
  5. Learn about angles, perpendicular and parallel lines
  6. Sort numbers ascending and descending up to 1,000
Language & Literacy
  1. Watch and document non-fiction facts
  2. Handwriting
  3. Factual writing using Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
  4. Joint reading of texts by Tom Palmer
Technology & Art
  1. Understanding of public arts and the benefits to communities
  2. Composition and preparation of a mural
  3. JavaScript coding involing objects, function calls, and structured data
Module designed by
Elaine Chew

Elaine Chew is one of Neobael's team of module designers. Our expert team spends hundreds of hours crafting and designing modules like "How do you manage a football club?"