Predicting chemical reactions


In this three hour introduction module, learners dive into the world of elements and the possibilities of chemistry. The day starts with a brief introduction to the periodic table, exploring how it is organised in order to learn some basic rules of chemical reactions. This is the foundation for all chemists and essential if we don't want to destroy the lab! In the second session learners apply their new understanding by coding reactions between two elements... and discovering the consequences!

Module Duration

3 hours


Online Sessions + Offline Tasks

Learning Outcomes

Technology & Art
  1. Predict and validate predictions using a chemistry simulator
  2. Learn how to use function calls in JavaScript
Maths & Science
  1. Understand that the periodic table is a simple way to organise elements
  2. Understand that we can make predictions about the behaviour of elements based on their position in the periodic table
Language & Literacy
  1. English comprehension and presentation skills through reading of fictional scientific orientated texts
Module designed by
Elaine Chew

Elaine Chew is one of Neobael's team of module designers. Our expert team spends hundreds of hours crafting and designing modules like "Predicting chemical reactions"