2D Shapes and Coordinates


In this 3 hour module, learners are introduced to different types of circles. They learn about Coordinates and how to mark them. During the session, children identify the coordinates of the various circles (full circle, semi-circle, and quarter circle). They will finally choose a drawing made out of circles and create it digitally by themselves, using Neobael's Coding Platform.

Module Duration

3 hours


Online Sessions + Offline Tasks

Learning Outcomes

Maths & Science
  1. Identifying, naming and describing 2D shapes
  2. Forming 2D figures with shapes
Technology & Art
  1. Play with a variety of materials and tools to make art
  2. Coding in javaScript
  3. Working with coordinate systems
  4. Creating variables and objects in code
  5. Invoking function calls in code
Module designed by
Elaine Chew

Elaine Chew is one of Neobael's team of module designers. Our expert team spends hundreds of hours crafting and designing modules like "2D Shapes and Coordinates"