How would you design your space colony?

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Lead designerBen Henry

In the near future, space travel is more accessible than ever and every planet is looking for new visitors. In this 15 hour module, students work as part of learning teams to highlight the most amazing aspects of their colony. Learners will grow their creative writing skills, develop their use of adjectives in descriptive writing and design a space zoo using the concept of perimeter. The final frontier will be a collaborative video to send back to earth using code, explaining how cool your planet is! Join us for an adventure of a lifetime into outer space!
DeliveryLive online
15hr course
Ages 7 - 8
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Learners will understand that clever use of adjectives can improve descriptive writing, calculating perimeter is an important tool for design, and a range of digital techniques create more interesting video.
Learners will be able to communicate their ideas with clarity, and use technology to aid in idea delivery.
Learners become more aware of the power of language and complexity of design. They will develop respect for other people’s opinions as they work as a team to present their ideas.
Learning outcomes

Maths and Science

  • Evaluate the perimeter of 2D shapes

Language and Literacy

  • Retrieve and record information from non-fiction
  • Handwriting
  • Organising paragraphs around a theme
  • Descriptive vocabulary

Technology, Innovation and the Arts

  • Shading with pencils
  • Digital video composition
  • Video presentation recording
  • HTML5 coding


Modules can be delivered in short or long formats

Each module can be delivered in formats of 3 hours a day, or 1.5 hours a day. Importantly, our modules are carefully designed to ensure that even in the 3 hour format, children have a maximum exposure time of 2.5 hours total screen time per day, with a limit of 40 minutes in any one continuous block.

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