Becoming a survival expert

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Lead designerElaine Chew

In this 3 hour introductory module, learners imagine themselves as an adventurer who’s taken an emergency landing in the Indian Ocean. Luckily there is a deserted island close by and they’ve managed to make a raft, but the waves are rough and it’s important that they pack wisely. Only an understanding of mass and area can save them! This module practices calculating the area of a square and rectangle, and challenges students to code a game to see if their raft will stay afloat!
DeliveryLive online
3hr course
Ages 7 - 8
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Learners will understand that calculating the area of a shape helps us understand the size of a space better.
Learners will be able to use lateral thinking and mental maths to problem solve.
Learners become more resilient as they apply new understanding in a coded game.
Learning outcomes

Maths and Science

  • Measuring length and area
  • Using units of measurement and their abbreviations

Language and Literacy

  • Reading of fictional texts

Technology, Innovation and the Arts

  • Function calls in JavaScript


Modules can be delivered in short or long formats

Each module can be delivered in formats of 3 hours a day, or 1.5 hours a day. Importantly, our modules are carefully designed to ensure that even in the 3 hour format, children have a maximum exposure time of 2.5 hours total screen time per day, with a limit of 40 minutes in any one continuous block.

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