Future proofing your child's success

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Disruption has been the key theme for this century with the pandemic forcing us to reimagine how we live, learn and operate.

Join the webinar to learn how to prepare your child to thrive and build skills that top universities like Harvard, UCL, and others are looking for

Learning how to learn

Rapid change will continue, and skills that enable adaptability to new innovations will be key. How do you build this skill?

Understanding metacognition

The 'what' is less important than the 'how'. Unlocking your child's understanding of 'how' to apply 'what' they know is a game changer

Building an active learner

Active learners are shown to perform better not just in test scores, but also in their careers. What is an active learner? How do you make your child one?

Learning, the Neobael way

Here at Neobael, we know that learning happens best when children can work towards a goal to take charge of their own learning. That’s why we’ve developed our own international style curriculum which goes beyond what many expect from education. Our project based and interdisciplinary approach is designed to develop written and spoken language, with skills integration and subject alignment as standard.

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  • Future proofing your child’s success

Our Courses

English Literacy

Why our classes are so effective:

Engaging through groups
Neobael lessons are fun, interactive, group-discussion led with real life challenges built into every module

Inquiry led learning
Our learning coaches are trained to ask the right questions to develop confident communication and encourage deep thinking.

Interdisciplinary problem solving
We have a unique curriculum designed to facilitate deeper content learning

National curriculum aligned
We are aligned with your child’s schools while providing a space to develop 21st century skills.

Personalised attention
Neobael classrooms have two expert teachers for every 6 students, so we can ensure that your child's interests and needs are central to everything we do.

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